Record of Ragnarok Omitted Its Best Death – And It Affects Brunhilde’s Story:

 In Record of Ragnarok, the anime cuts the property’s best death with the start of the tournament, hiding Brunhilde’s secret motivation and trump card.

As Record the of Ragnarok proceeds, it’s safe to say the Valkyrie Brunhilde cuts like a shady figure. Initially, she recruits warriors from the annals of history to fight for Earth, hoping they can get to seven wins first and stop the gods from destroying the whole planet. But in time, fans learn she’s gaslit her sisters, imbuing weapons with the souls of these Valkyries….

So The problem is, if the humans lose their fights, the weapons shatter and their souls dissipate into nothingness. It means the that sisters’ sacrifice will be in vain, robbing them of that happy ending in the Halls of Valhalla. This leaves the youngest sister, Göll, wondering why the leader’s become so dark and, in a sense, like untrustworthy. However, had the Netflix anime kept in a brutal murder from the manga, it would’ve hinted at what was to come then.

Record of Ragnarok’s Manga Killed Incubus:


The Record of Ragnarok manga opened with Incubus, a sadistic dream demon, preying on Brunhilde before the tournament starts. He met her when the competition’s first bout was gearing up, mentioning how sinister she was, specially with her secret plans for the gods. After all, the souls would make the weapons as god-killers. As they bantered, however, she knelt, making the egoistical Incubus like happy.
He did, after all, want to protect her in exchange for sexual favors — but she insisted she wasn’t kneeling for him or to sate his lust too. She was avoiding Thor’s hammer, which flew in and smashed Incubus to pieces in a gruesome death that showed like how badass the Odinson was. Brunhilde lapped up the murder, with Thor sauntering off to fight Lü Bu… It spoke to his honor, and also how he loved to fighting. As for Brunhilde, it was one less toxic male in her life — but it did leave Göll shocked by what transpired, not knowing Incubus was cluing her in to how far Brunhilde would go to win that.

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