BOFURI: All of Maple’s Overpowered Offensive Abilities, Explained:

 Despite being an almost impenetrable character, BOFURI’s Maple is  very competent too when it comes to her offensive abilities.


Bofurie’s  Maple

The major selling point of the Maple, the main character of BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense, is her innocence and ignorance too. Since it’s her first time playing a VRMMO, she is oblivious to how common sense work when it starting. Maple therefore ends up creating an almost-invincible character, yet that is exactly what makes watching that anime series interesting. After all, the young Maple always manages to come up with new, intuitive solutions to the typical gaming situations.

As stated before, BOFURI tells the exploits of young Maple, whose real name is Kaede Honjou. The sole reason about she starts playing the esteemed New World Online is that her friend Risa insists that she did so. However, when she does, Risa is unfortunately not there to guide her, therefore the start of her unusual gaming journey. Kaede, now using the username Maple, puts all her stats on defense mode. She has become virtually unkillable at the time, though she also has zero attack damage too. Even so, Maple manages to find an unusual way to level up at that moment: using the recoil damage to kill her all opponents. Through unique ways, Maple has ultimately become one of the most powerful players in the whole game.

Maple Can Put Iron Man to Shame:



The cool thing about NewWorld Online is that skills and abilities aren’t only attainable through the level-ups. There are various ways to acquire new abilities, including events and equipment too. In fact, most of  the Maple’s overpowered skills are from these. The perfect example of this is her Machine God skill, which she acquired during her time at the third level of the game. Prior to advancing to this level, Maple first acquired a piece of equipment called as Forgotten Dream. This led her to meet the First Machine God.. Unfortunately, the First was overtaken by the Second Machine God, who indiscriminately attacked to Maple. Maple fought back, and during the First’s last moments of sanity, they granted Maple the Machine God skill, making her the Third Machine God in the series. The young girl ultimately used that same skill to fulfill the First’s last one wish: used Machine God to eliminate him.

Machine God is a skill that sacrifices equipment to create the weapons. Logically, the better the equipment, the better that results. The skill also has certain sub-skills too. The first is Deploy Left Hand which, as the name suggests, creates a partial weapon in exchange for the equipment. The higher skill for this is Deploy Armament, which essentially transforms Maple into like a flying mech. Commence Attack is the skill that allows all equipped weapons to fire at one time. However, the sub-skill with the strongest attack power is probably like Break Core. Just like its name suggests, this skill shoots out a core that only self-destructs. The only downside of this skill is the fact that it damages everyone within its range, and it has enough power to damage even to Maple.

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