The father in the popular Tik Tok Duo Enkyboys, Randy Gonzqlez has died at 35, follpwing a battel with Colon cancer:

 Randy Gonzalez, who gained stardom alongside his 6 years old son Brice, announced in April 2022 that he was dignosed with stage 4 colon cancer.


Source: instagram

He died on wesnesday morning in hospice, TMZ first reported. His brother later conformed about it via instagram, wrote that ” my brother may you Rest in peace, i love you always and forever. “

While Randy became a viral star on tik tok alongside his 6 years old son Brice Gonzalez. The two were known for their funny lip syncing videos on tik tok and sweet family and dynamic before Brice landed a role on the NCB sitcom Lopez vs Lopez with George Lopez were.

Lopez sent his condolences to Randy’s loved ones on Instagram on Thrusday , writing, “My sincerest condolences to Brice and the entire Gonzalez family and the fans. The love and the bond Randy had for his son and his family was undeniable and just amazing, you can see it in every video clip.”
Added “He will be missed, but never forgotten,” the actor said. “My heart goes out to the entire family. Dios te bendiga 🙏🏽🕊.  RIP”

Randy first opened up in April 2022 that he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer six months prior, telling fans on social media that he was given 2-3 years to live, with the possibility of 5 years with chemotherapy and no more.

While Following his diagnosis, the Enkyboys began using their platform to raise awareness for colon cancer. The father-son duo urged their followers to get regular screenings and pay attention to their body, even at young ages and most importantly after 25.
In his final TikTok last month, the father spoke about his difficult journey with treatment, sharing that he was “doing good” but his chemotherapy was “not working on him.”
Randy previously told followers that treatment had been “horrible,” but he was up for the fight there.
“Cancer sucks, it sucks the life out of you. It makes you feel like you have nothing to live for when in reality, you do… It sucks, but you have to fight,” he said back in November. “You have to be strong to fight cancer and beat it strongly . I want to be a testimony of this in another year or so when I’m still alive and I beat it strongly .”


Source: instagram

While in cancer Colon, or colorectal, cancer is the third most common cancer in the world, after lung and breast cancers.

Randy Gonzalez was diagnosed with colon cancer when he was 34 well before the recommended age for screenings. His death was a reminder of how colon cancer is on the rise in young people. Most notably, Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2016, when he turned 40 years old, before his death in 2020 at 43.

While if we talk about colon cancer age approximately 90% of colon cancer cases occur in people over the age of 50, since the mid-90s, the number of new cases has been increasing among adults under 50 years old, according to Fight CRC — a national colorectal cancer advocacy organization that raises awareness about the importance of early detection through screening.

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