Pro Wrestling star Jay Briscoe Involved in a car acciddnt , found dead at 38:

 Ring of honor pro wrestler Jay Briscoe is no more.


Jay Briscoe

    Tony khan, Founder of All elite wrestling (AEW) announced the news via Twitter on Tuesday.
He wrote ” Sadly, Jamin pugh has passsd away. He was a star in ROH for over 20 years, fron the first show until today, ” He saluted jay and his pro wrestler brother Mark Briscoe, adding that they dominated ROH, reigning as champions to this day. We will do whatever we can do for his family members.”
He lastly wrote ” Rest in peace jamin.”

Famous wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer reported that jay was involved in a fatal car accident, two people in a car died in an accident at evening, in Laurel, Maryland. He added in a tweet ” just horribly tragic news”

Jay Briscoe

Meltzer later corrected the location ” it was Laurel, Daware, not Maryland,.”
Wrestler Jay joined the ROH wrestling in 2002 alongside his brother Mark, The two became famous as the Briscoe brothers and were one of the most successful tag team duos in ROH history.

Many in the wrestling world paid tribute to Jay.
Paul Triple H levesque remembered Jay as an “incredible performer who created a deel connection with fans across the globe.” Sent condolences to his family via a twitter post. While many more tributed to him and sympathize his family.

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