Miss USA 2012 kicks off country Music Career with her new song ‘ 15 Minutes of fame’ :

 Whitney Miller ,33, The multi Faced star has also been a kickboxing commentator, an MMA fighter and most recently a popular prodcast host.

Whitney Miller

She shared media that “she always starts her day with a brisk wall and a cup of coffee, and then i am off to the races, it’s been like that since i was a kid,i was just always wanting to try new things and experience nrw things and just challenge myself continuosly. I am not going to lie ,it gets tiring sometimes, but at the end of the day i realk feel like chasing fun and happiness for me.”

Her life is just messed up in Go getter attitude that she has taken the tough Taxanfar throughout her life, from being crowned as Miss USA in 2012 to becoming a kickboxing commentator and MMA figter, to most recently serving as a popular prodcast host. But now , she says she is ready to start working on making her country music dreams come true with the release of her new song ” 15 minutes of fame” ..

Whitney Miller

She said ” This is my freedom song,” She wrote the song alongwith Kelly sidel, Hailey VerHaalen, and Chsey satterlee. She added ” it spurred from one of my biggest heartbreaks that i went hard through a couple years ago that was extremely abrupt and out of nowhere. Insyead of going through my emotions in a healthy manner, i just pretended everything wae OK, and now, two and a half years later, still have some of that pain, but now i get out that anger through my lyrics, and i am much better.”

She told about childhood too ” when i was 10, someone was really close to me told me that i could not sing, ” remembers Miller who released her first single ” Diamond country” last year…i toik that to heart, so much so that u  actually became like a phobua. I could not sing. So basicalky, i would not sign in fromnt of people at all. It was my biggest fear of life.”

She then added ” i feel like i spent far too much time giving as-…” With smile.

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