Martha Stewart Sharing Salon Selfish Hilighting Her Unfiltered and No facelift, ‘Great Skin’ :

 Stewart the lifestyle gury celebrated her glowing skin Sunday after a dry January and Pilatea every other day..


Stewart’s instagram post

She is looking very comforrable in her own skin!!
And celebrating her “Great skin”..

Martha Stewart,81, shared selfies via instagram on sunday, she could be seen getting her hair done.
In fist selfie she could be seen in a first in a first post that she was lyinh in the shampoo area of @FredericFekkai,” while Stewart captioned ” The light was perfoct for a new selfie!”

Credited her look fot being estiblished with “absolutely no re-imqging!!, ” she clarified By re-imaging i ment no filtering mt selfie!”

In the follow up post, Steward shared some more pics of herself which she captioned ” These are the other three selfies I took.”
Adding ” My expression was better in the first one but my skin looks great in all of them. Unfiltered, No facelift.”

Besides partaking in no alcohol this month and Pilates every other day, She also added that “Great ( Dermatologist ) my whole life ” Help her keep her youthful glow, as well as a “great diet” And “great exercise,” and “amazing facials from @mariobadescu for the last fory years of mine!”

A month ago, Stewart appeared on Yahoo Life’s unapologetically series, where she spoke about how important it is for her to maintain a “healthy lifestyle” and stay active at her age..


Photo source: instagram 

She explained “it is all about being aware of things around you and leading a good healthy life.” Adding ” And ya going to pilates at 6:30 in the morning, which i did this morning. I try to go to pilates as many times a week as i possibly can be..”

She also added that she does not “ever think about retiring” and refuses to let her age slow her down and make her act like a “little old lady..”

Adding ” i am not going to start living badly just becauss i am getting older, once you have lived well, you always should live well and good..”

In these years she has used social media to share various selfies of herself, including a now infamous pic she took in july 2020.

In that image, Stewart posed for a sultry poolside selfie as she donned a black bathing suit and dewy makeup. She later admitted to Media that she unknowingly took a “thirst trap.”

She said “I took a pool selfie photo by mistake. I was trying to take a picture of the beautiful turquoise planter at the end of the pool, but the camera was on me, so I just snapped it.”

She explained “It looked so good, so I posted it, I didn’t know what a ‘thirst trap’ was, but now I do. Now I’m looking for the next thirst trap. I love doing those promiscuous, provocative things, because it’s just fun …”

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