Kylie Jenner shared first photo of Son’s Face : also reveled his name:

 Kylie jenner is officially introducing her boy to the world.

Kylie jenner with baby boy

Kylie jenner announced on march 1 2022 that she and Travis Scott changed their son’s name from wolf and said ” we just really did not fee like it was him”…

Kylie jenner, 25, shared adorable photos of her and Travis’s 11 momths old son, also reveled his name for the first time in the caption: “AIRE.”..
They told the name means, ” lion of god”..
His gradmothore commented ” I love you Aire Webster”..

She welcomed her son on last feb and initially name him wolf Jacques.. She shared about it on her instagram story on march 21 that her second child’s name is not wolf now.”..


Kylie jenner’s baby boy

They wrote ” we did not feel like it was him. Just wanted to share bacause i keep seeing wolf everywhere”…

The name changed announcement came just aftee Kylie premiered a new Youtube video Dedicated to her son Titles ” To our son.”..

That adorable clio featured footage from all throughout kyli’s second pregnancy journey, frok when mom Kris found out about the happy news, to her Giraffe themed baby shower, to the delivery room just before her baby boy was born on feb 2…

In that video viewers can see a walk through of her son’s netural colored nursery, which is filled with children’s books, stuffed animals and a closet stocked with baby sneakers.

She shared, her pregnency with her son was different from last pregnency with daughter stormi webster, 4..

She added ” After she had stormu, she bounced back quickly. She was also resting more and took a huge step back by keeping her pregnency to herself. As a working mom with a toddlerz her pregnency with wolf was different. She experiences more stress trying to balance everything” …

Kylie jenner the mom of two kids is ” slowly starting to work out again”…

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