Jennifer Lopez opened up about Doing ‘ Shotgun Wedding’ ,” Almost went over’ A cliff Doing Shoot stunt with Josh Duhamel:

 Recently, In a BuzzFeed Celeb video where the cast of Lopez’s new movie, shotgun wedding, playing “who is who?” The singer and actress recounted the time when she “almost went over” a cliff while filming the action rom-com.


BTS from shoot

Lopez,53 responded to queation ” who is most likely to nail a stunt on the first take?” .She responded, ” Me and Josh are pretty godd at it”..
Duhamel, 50 quipped that ” i don’t know if i have nailed anything on the first take”..

Lopez replied ” Really? I feel like we are pretty good, specially when we are handcuffed together and we had to do all that crazy stuff together.”..

Lopez then added dropping the tryth bomb, ” Except for the one time i almost went over the cliff. That was not fun at all”..

Then he asked ” is that true?” .


Shoot BTS

The marry me singer confirmed about it; causing Lopez’s castmate, D’Arcy carden, to ask exactly what happened ..

While lopez explained ” so, you know how in that scene where my dress was caught in the wheel ? One time it got caught in the wheel, and i was going over, and i am looking at Josh, and i am like josh Don’t let me go, please!”

And he is like ” i got you! You go, we go!”, ” It was scary as f—“.. She then concluded.

While if we talk about the movie it is co produced by Lopez, shotgun wedding is a romantic comedy that follows Lopez and Duhamel Portraying a bride and groom bringing their families together for a destination wedding…

When the ceremony starts ti fall apart when they get cold feet after arriving at the location, the couple are forced to come together to rescue their families from a hostage situation…


Shoot BTS

Aside from Lopez, Duhamel, Coolidge, carden,sonia Braga, Cheech Marin, Selwna Tan, Callie Hernandez, Desmin Borges, Steve Coulter and Lenny akravitx are the casts..

In February 2022, Duhamel told Media that he “had one of the most fun times ever” making the upcoming action rom-com alongside Lopez.
“J.Lo is, like, a…she is a boss. In the best way,” the actor said, when asked who was more intimidating between Lopez and his The Thing About Pam costar RenĂ©e Zellweger, whom he said was “like a sweet little Texas girl.”
Duhamel  then concluded by saying that the Dominican Republic filming location was “one of the most beautiful places in the world.” And, to boot, “It’s [a] funny bonkers movie.”

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