Jemes cameron’s ‘ Avtar The way of water’ surpasses $2 billion worldwide, “Another record”!

 James Cameron’s Avatar The Way of Water has grossed$ 2 billion( Rs,612 thousand crore) worldwide. The film is still going strong at the box office.   



James Cameron’s Avatar The Way of Water completed a month in the theatres and is still having a dream run at the box office. The film has now surpassed the$ 2 billion- mark worldwide. According to reports, Avatar The Way of Water is the sixth film to achieve this  corner at the box office.

 In an earlier interview, James Cameron said that the film needs to make at least$ 2 billion to break indeed. He further added that this will help him decide on  farther  conclusions.  CROSSES$ 2 BILLION WORLDWIDE  icon The Way of Water hit the theatres on January 16. The film has been having a phenomenal run in India and across several countries over the  once month.  

 Trade critic Ramesh Bala took to Twitter to reveal that the film has surpassed$ 2 billion at the box office worldwide. With this, Avatar The Way of Water came the sixth movie to touch this  corner. He wrote,”#AvatarTheWayOfWater crosses$ 2 Billion at the WW Box office. Only the 6th movie to do so( sic).”  Then is the post  crosses$ 2 Billion at the WW Box office.   




 further than a decade  latterly, Avatar’s  effect, The Way of Water, was released in the theatres much to the delight of  suckers. The film traces the life of the Sully family comprising Jake, Neytiri and their  kiddies.

 Steven Lang’s Quaritch and his  lineage attack them and how Sullys retort forms the story.   The  effect is more centered around interpersonal  connections and is about  guarding families. The James Cameron  managerial stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, and Kate Winslet. Avatar The Way of Water is running successfully in theatres in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

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