Emily Maynard Johson is soaking up the infant days, shared sweet video of baby jones Laughing as she Tickels His Belly:

 Emily Maynard Johnson Shared some sweet candid moment with son Jones on instagram..

Emily Maynard’s Family

Emily Maynard,  mom of six posted a video on her Instagram Story on Friday showing a sweet moment with her youngest, son Jones West, 4 months.
Added a sticker that says “in love with this,” The former Bachelorette, 36, shows Jones, dressed in an ocean blue long-sleeved onesie, giggling as she tickles his belly and his neck sweetly.

Emily’s youngest kid

The infant, Jones smiles wide and squeezes his hands together as Maynard Johnson leans in and covers his neck in kisses as he laughs and this was so cute.

After, Maynard Johnson shared video of Nola Belle, 2, wearing a backpack and walking around in a Dolly Parton t-shirt and jeans, with Dolly Parton’s “Highlight of My Life” playing in the background. While Joking in the caption, she tags oldest daughter Ricki, 17, and wrote, “Before you message me, you’re ALL the highlights of my lifešŸ¤£.”…


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About family, In addition to Jones, Nola and Ricki, Maynard Johnson and husband Tyler Johnson also share Gatlin, 5, Gibson, 6, and Jennings, 7.

In November, Maynard Johnson opened up to fans on instagram about feeling “grateful” after welcoming her youngest baby boy.

Shortly after the delivery, Maynard Johnson learned that her son was born with Down syndrome as well as a rare congenital colon abnormality that required surgery and a monthlong stay in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Hospital..

Sharing to media shw told “I was in shock,” of being informed of the Down syndrome diagnosis, which was confirmed by a blood test later on. (Maynard Johnson did not opt for genetic testing during her pregnancy.) “It was not on my radar at all. And I refused to believe it. I just wanted to hold him and for everything to be OK and Fine.”

After Absorbing the fact that her son needed to stay in the NICU and wouldn’t be home for weeks was Maynard Johnson said “devastating,” “I was just grieving all of it and that the experience was so different from what I had expected. Waking up the next morning hearing all the babies crying down the hallway while I was in the room alone, it hurt so badly.”

Maynard Johnson said that things got better once she was able to bring him home and get to spend time with him, saying Jones “just folded into all the other craziness.”

Added “He’s awesome. He’s sleeping, he’s just the easiest baby, He’s so chill. He puts up with all my other kids, I’m still learning about Down syndrome, but I’m trying to also just experience Jones as Jones and not as different than any of the other kids,” Maynard Johnson said. “I have no expectations. He’s perfect and everything is going to be great Ahead.”

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