American invester Christina hall and husband josh opened up about their planes for more kids:

 Christina Hall says she and husband Josh Hall feel their family is complete with her three kids — Hudson, 3, Brayden, 7, and Taylor, 12

Christina Hall with husband and kids.
Source: instagram

In a recent media interview Christina Hall sayd that her family is now complete with her husband Josh halk and her three kids- Hudson,3, Brayden,7 and Taylor,12. Now she can’t even imagine  about more.

Christina on the coast star,39, celebrates the parenthood ,she foumd her marriage and how her whole family has benefited from the union.

“We just have a true parentship, true teamwork.we have the save things to achieve as far as everything we want for our future and our end game”.

Christina Hall with husband  Josh.
Source: instagram

Christina loves about how her husband Josh and her kids spent time together in the great outdoors.
Nothing that her husband has very southern values, christina says he’s forged a special bond with her two sons -Hudson 3, to whome she shares with her ex Ant ansteaf, and Brayden,7 whome she shares with ex Tarek EI Moussa.
She told ” They idolize watching him chop down trees. He’s very hands-on, and he does things by himself,” “he does a lot of projects himself too,and the boys just love being involved, specially my little Hudson.”

She added that her preschooler loves to be very helpful with daddy Josh. He just follows josh around here and there, asking Josh about ,’ Hey what are you doing now? Can i give you company? ‘ . He is jyst 3 and that’s  what really happens.

Source : instagram

Christina said that they all are setteled in themselves completely.
While Josh dosen’t have his own any kid, but he is well versed in life with us as the oldest of the blended family of 11 siblings.
“It just feels so nice to have that family “, she shared Hudson will never feel that Josh is his stepdad. Will never had different memories as far as Josh and i being together, and pretty mush Brayden as well.”
So he has a lot of experience and memories with kids even though he wasn’t a father, as he was the oldest one of 11 other kids so he is used to little kids .said Christina.

So now when it comes to growing our family “our hands are full”. Here we are done. She said if i will thing about more my head woukd fall off. We are happy with us. We are blessed  to have each other”..

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