American actor Nicholas joseph viall got engaged with actress and model Natalie joy at 42

After two seasons of The Bachelor and his own season of The Bachelor, Nick Viall has set up love with Natalie Joy.

Source: instagram 

The “ Viall Files ” host and surgical technologist were first linked by suckers in 2019, but enterprise about their relationship did n’t start hokking up until 2020. In February 2021, shortly after the brace first went public as a couple, Viall admitted that they met after Joy said into his Instagram DMs. The brace ultimately decided to make effects sanctioned after spending time together in person for a while.
 On thrusday Nick Viall participated a carousel of engagement prints with new fiancée Natalie Joy to Instagram handle. The brace blazoned that they’re engaged in a common Instagram post participated Thursday. They identified” For the rest of my life, it’s you,”. They uploaded numerous filmland and flont her engagement ring. 
Source: instagram

The recently engaged brace got well wishes in their comment section of the post. Like” Yay! Congratulations,” cheers to you both.”!! #TeddymellencampArroyave wrote” the real housewives of Beverly Hills.” While #ArianaMadix said” congratulations!! Chears to you both.”!! 
The couple continued to partake more casts into their relationship after going public. ” We kind of kept hanging out, and she eventually got a point where she was like, OK’ I want to date,’ and I was kind of like, HMM’ I do not know,'” he revealed.” She just was like,’ OK, this is what I want. It’s fine, no big deal, but I am gon na go do my effects,’ and she did that, and I was like,’ What really?!’ She went and showed me exactly what I’d be missing.” 
Putting a pack of couples prints about Valentine’s Day in 2022 on instagram handle, Joy identified” I am so lucky to feel incredibly loved everyday everytime that valentine’s day is just like an another Monday, with redundant flowers and chocolate covered strawberries for sure!.” That same weak of valentine joy also called viall her” Dream man” on instagram.
Source: instagram
Gradually their bond continued to progress in a more serious direction, Viall said he” wouldn’t be in a relationship with” Joy if he” didn’t suppose it was possible” to some how marry her someday. He also revealed on the media last time that” when it comes to marriage everyone’s situation is different” ” I suppose occasionally timelines can be a little bit tough about, you know, setting false prospects and reaching to a certain timeline and all of a unforeseen. He explained.” I just kind of tell people to just be careful about settingtimelines.However, it’s awful, just make sure that it’s collective, If they wan na set a time.”
“It’s wonderful,just make sure that it’s mutual.”

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