After video went viral of boy singing Showtunes , Delta offers to Fly Him and His family to Brodway Show:

 A 11 years old boy named Nathan Broxton, has won accolades from famous fans for his backseat renditions of Broadway favorites, and now he will be on his way to see the real deal for himself in his life.

Nathan Broxton singing

The little chamo from orange country, California, has won heats with his impassioned renditions of Broadway showtunes- as documented by his mom on his Tik Tok account and he is planning to go on his way to see his first show………with the help of Delta air lines, which has been offered to him.

His mom Samantha tweeted last week that Delta Air lines has decided to recognize Nathan’s viral talent, with a Once-in-a-lifetime offer, adeed ” now, it seems that ghe young man passion has paid off.”
Samantha Sophia tweet

She told “Delta airlines is sending Nathan and her entire family to see his first Broadway musical in New York City.!!””
The date not fixed yet!!

However, it does not seems to be any problem with obtaining a favoree date: playwright Jeremy O….. Harris tweeted, ” i will get him fix to anything else he wants to see,”  while there Wicked star Brittney Johnson urgee him to come see her production. Adeed ” i’d love to meet you all,”.

While Delta seemed to confirm the unexpected treat date with a tweet till january.!!

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